What Brand of Equipment is Best?

When comparing major brands now, it's the contractor that makes the difference. Central Heating and Cooling Equipment was first developed in 1935. There are 16 major manufacturers of equipment who have been developing and refining their products for over 73 years. The major manufacturers are turning out very good products. There are differences in efficiency ratings, zone systems, motor speeds, and warranties that appeal to different budgets, comfort levels, and applications. But, overall, all the major brand lines are good. Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Rheem, Trane, etc.

Often an individual's choice of brand is influenced by their prior experience with a particular brand or a close friend/relative's experience. We've always used "Referator" brand, and the system has run great. Or we had a "Tramalator" and had problems from day one. We finally had to replace it after 6 years. Many people are also persuaded by advertising. In reality, it is important to select the correct equipment for the application (the use it will be serving). The equipment and the whole system should be the right size for the structure and it should fit a person's budget for comfort. This is where your choice of contractors makes a huge difference. The contractor's level of skill and experience in designing systems is vital. Beyond the design, the contractor's skill at installing your system is critical. Manufacturers specify installation procedures. The list is long for a correct installation. If a technician leaves out one or two steps, your A+++ rated unit may need to be replaced in 6 years. We've seen it happen too many times.

When selecting new equipment, the important step you can take is to pick a quality air conditioning contractor. Look at their experience level. Who are the technical brains of the operation? How involved are they in the business? Do they have installation checklists? Is the installing technician NATE certified? What kind of warranties and guarantees does the HVAC company offer? How professional are their business practices? How familiar are they with all the major brands and their features?

In summary, there are too many variables on the major brands of air conditioning and heat pump equipment to declare one a clear superior choice over another. Your particular situation would be best served by a few different options. The single factor that will result in the best choice is the skill of your AC contractor.

It's the contractor that makes the difference! - James Thomas

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