HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Maintenance

For residential and commercial customers we recommend regular inspection and maintenance to keep your cooling systems running at maximum efficiency. Homeowners often overlook the cost savings they get from reduced electric bills. Business owners are often too busy to keep up with maintenance schedules and could benefit from a contract with James Thomas heating and air.

Heating and Heat Pump Maintenance

With heating systems in North Georgia you can run up your bills pretty quick. Gas and electric are often combined  and poor maintenance can result in much higher energy costs.

New Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

When James Thomas plans a new heating or air conditioning system for your home or business you can rest assured that maximum efficiency and comfort is our goal. Our years of experience and training guarantees you an efficient system installation. We will use quality parts that are picked to solve your specific needs.

Call for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation service in the North Georgia towns surrounding Ellijay and Blue Ridge. 706-632-1241 and 706-635-1244

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