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At James Thomas Heating and Cooling, we repair and install fireplaces in the Blue Ridge area. Our crew of skilled professionals will clean and repair your fireplace, or install a new gas or log unit for you. We’ll also provide helpful maintenance tips for you during your service appointment. We gladly offer free estimates on installation, so call us today to get started.

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Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Install Blue Ridge

Fireplaces are a great secondary heat source on a cold winter day, in addition to making any room look and feel cozier. If your gas or log fireplace isn’t working for you, get us on the phone to schedule a repair appointment. A common problem we get called for is smoke moving back into the room from the fireplace, even when the damper is open. Call us right away if you notice this happening so our heating specialists can determine the cause of the problem.

We recommend yearly fireplace and chimney inspections to make sure everything is still in good working order. Routine cleaning and inspections are an affordable way to greatly improve the performance and safety of your fireplace. Just because your chimney or fireplace looks fine from the outside doesn’t mean that there aren’t hidden cracks or other issues on the inside that could pose a serious risk. Contact us today with any of your concerns or repair needs.

Fireplace Repair Ellijay

New Fireplace Installation

One great way to completely transform any room in your home is with the addition of a fireplace. We’d be happy to help you select a new model that fits exactly what you’ve been searching for. As with any new addition to your home, proper installation is essential. For maximum safety and efficiency from your new fireplace, call our team of experts to handle the installation from start to finish.

After your new fireplace is installed, it’s key to remember to keep up with routine maintenance. This is the best way to protect your new investment and your home. Here are some helpful tasks homeowners can do to get the most out of their new hearth and make sure everything is operating safely.

  • When using the fireplace, make sure to burn wood on a grate pushed all the way to the back.
  • Never let ashes build up inside the hearth. As soon as the ashes have cooled completely, removed them. They can be used to add nutrients to flowerbeds.
  • Before every winter, make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working correctly.
  • Never burn unseasoned wood logs in your fireplace because the amount of water in the logs results in a smoky fire.

During our routine maintenance visits, or after installation, we’d be happy to provide you with some more helpful tips when it comes to taking care of your fireplace. Contact us today to learn more about the models we install.

Gas and log fireplace installation
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We service fireplaces in Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Blairsville, Jasper, Hiawassee, Young Harris and all nearby areas.

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  48 Boardtown Road  •  Blue Ridge, GA 30513
  (706) 632-1241
  License #: CN209750
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