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Air Conditioning Maintenance services in Blue Ridge GA by James Thomas Heating and Cooling

Keep your HVAC system in top condition with our AC maintenance service. For residential and commercial customers we recommend regular inspections and routine maintenance to keep your cooling systems running at maximum efficiency.

Homeowners often overlook the cost savings they get from reduced electric bills. Business owners are often too busy to keep up with maintenance schedules and could benefit from a contract with James Thomas Heating and Cooling. There’s no downside to taking preventative measures when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Call us today to learn more.

Avoid costly repairs with routine AC maintenance
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Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Left Picture: Dirty Evaporator Coil
Right Picture: Coil Cleaned
When a filter is not changed, dirt builds up on the evaporator coil and the system is unable to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. In addition, it is expensive to clean an evaporator coil. Oftentimes, the coil must be taken out, cleaned and reinstalled.

Most of today’s filters need to be changed monthly. The components of your AC system need to be cleaned and serviced by a licensed professional at least twice a year. Studies have shown that a lack of proper maintenance reduces equipment efficiency by 5 - 10%. In addition, most of today's filters need to be changed a minimum of every 90 days. Don’t skimp on the air filter. Opt for an AC filter with a high-efficiency rating. A high-efficiency filter will help keep your air and HVAC equipment clean.

Our maintenance service includes checking the following:

  • Operating pressures
  • Refrigerant charge
  • Filter condition
  • Compressor
  • Fan motor
  • Capacitors
  • Belts
  • Crankcase heaters
  • Coils cleaning
  • Lubrication of moving parts

After a thorough cleaning of your equipment, our service technician will adjust the Freon levels in your air conditioner to the manufacturer's specifications. An overcharged unit is just as bad as an undercharged unit when it comes to energy consumption.

What AC maintenance can I do myself?

AC Maintenance Programs Ellijay
Lack of maintenance on the drain caused the water to backup into the electrical wires of the air handler causing a fire and electrical shock hazard.

With the proper maintenance and service, your HVAC equipment will run economically and dependably. There are a handful of simple and routine maintenance operations you can do yourself. Perform these tasks in between our visits to help ensure the best performance and comfort from your air conditioning system. Taking preventative measures will save you a ton of money over the life of your AC unit.

Here are some simple tasks homeowners can do themselves:

  • Keep dirt, debris, grass clippings, and leaves away from the outdoor unit.
  • Use a hose to clear the aluminum fins from debris. Use a regular hose without a spray nozzle, along with soft brush because the fins bend easily.
  • Clean dust off of your indoor coil.
  • Make sure your outdoor unit always stays in a level position.
  • When you do have a problem with your system, don't wait to call us. The sooner we get to work the better.
AC Maintenance Programs Owner Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our team also provides routine HVAC maintenance for business owners. You naturally expect the AC at your business to work all year long, just like your system at home. When the air conditioning quits, then it can equal lost inventory and customers. The best choice you can make when it comes to protecting your HVAC system is staying on top of regular tune-ups.

Signing up for our commercial maintenance plans makes it easy for business owners. Our techs will carefully perform an inspection of each component to check for existing or potential problems. After the inspection, then the entire system will be cleaned and calibrated for maximum performance. Call us to learn more about our maintenance plan or any of our commercial AC services.

We offer AC maintenance in Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Blairsville, Jasper, Hiawassee, Young Harris and all nearby areas.

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