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There is nothing worse on a chilly winter day than a broken furnace. Turn to James Thomas Heating and Cooling for fast inspection and repair. Our experienced technicians are also available for new installations and replacements. We service both gas or electric furnaces. Call us today to schedule any of our heating services.

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Furnace Repair

For your home to be warm and toasty on a cold winter day, you need your furnace to be operating at an optimal level. When your system is malfunctioning or quits working altogether, your next move should be to call in the professionals. Let our heating specialists figure out exactly what the problem is and get it repaired quickly.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to know if your furnace needs a professional repair. Below are some signs that it’s time to call in the experts:

  • Furnace doesn’t turn on
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Increase in energy bills
  • Strange noises
  • Strange odors
  • Broken pilot light
  • Pooling water around furnace
  • Rapid cycling
  • Furnace won’t turn off

If you notice any of the above, simply give us a call, and we’ll be on the way to fix it for you. If you want to avoid, a complete breakdown, then the sooner you call us, the better.

New Furnace Installation

Just like any appliance or system in your home, your furnace will eventually wear out. If you are shelling out money for more frequent repairs and your unit is older than ten years, it might be time to start considering a replacement. We install gas and electric furnaces and will make sure we find the right fit for your needs. Call today for a free estimate on our installation services.

Furnace Installation Ellijay

When should you replace your furnace?

Your service technician will see specific problems that indicate your furnace is wearing out. Some of these problems are:

  • Frequent pilot light outages
  • Delayed ignition
  • Yellow flame or wavering flame
  • Excess soot or corrosion
  • Too much or not enough heat
  • An odor of sulfur or burnt eggs

Our heating technician will take measurements of your home and then calculate the actual heating load on your home. This calculation will help us determine the proper size of equipment needed. With a new unit, you will notice improved efficiency and lower energy bills. New furnaces last roughly 10 to 20 years as long as it is well maintained. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

We service furnaces in Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Blairsville, Jasper, Hiawassee, Young Harris and all nearby areas.

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